Why KORVIA - English Teaching Jobs in KOREA

"The Best Service is our Responsibility; a Great Experience is our Guarantee."

Korvia Consulting, with almost 3 years of expertise in recruiting ESL teachers in all over South Korea, the only certified recruiting company of Gyeonggi Ministry Office of Education, is considered and well known as one of South Korea’s top recruiting companies. Based in Gangnam in Seoul, Korvia is highly experienced and are primarily focused on quality-based recruiting and the careful matching of skilled candidates with suitable employers. Korvia offered so far the best job opportunities from the best employers to more than 700 Native English Speakers.

ESL / TEFL teaching today has made extensive advancements in all over the world. South Korea is also no exception. One of the most important reasons for this region to sizzle in this industry is its technological advancement and strong desire to retain the position of one of the world’s leading nations which make it an exclusive ESL job destination. The Korean Government guarantees appealing compensations compared to other countries that operate similar programs. Included are free housing, a competitive salary as well as a contract completion bonus. Korvia Consulting assures expert HR professionals and seasoned recruiters who know what works in this competitive employment marketplace and end up offering the best jobs to all its candidates.

Korvia Consulting is extremely professional and reliable recruiting firm, taking scrupulous care regarding the needs of each and every foreign English teacher, their transition to a new lifestyle, and most importantly, their teaching job.

We Global Training Academy and Korvia Consulting, two big names in ESL Industry together dedicated towards giving the ESL teachers the best break with the finest compensation package in this industry you have always dreamt of.


TEFL Korea, Teaching in KoreaThis project fulfilled many of my passions, the most prevalent being travel in different cultures and teaching. It is an opportunity that I find inspiring and wanted to take advantage of it.